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Shipping and Handling Included on All Prices
Shipping and Handling Included on All Prices

Coverking Hybrid Car Cover

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Shipping and Handling Included

  • 300D, Water-Resistant Fabric
  • Repels UV Rays, Precipitation, and More
  • Light Weight, Breathable Fabric
  • Built-In Storage Bag Included
  • Available in Small, Medium, and Large
  • Brand: Coverking
  • Cover Size: 14.3 ft. - 16.8 ft.
  • Model: UVCCAR3NE68


Choose a Vehicle cover size

Product Details

moisture, winter, leaves, UV rays, dust, garage

Next-Level Protection

Coverking's Hybrid Car Cover combines the qualities of two very different fabrics in one cover. A dense 300D, reflective, water-resistant fabric for the top panels where it repels hazards that come from above, such as damaging UV rays, precipitation, bird droppings, leaves, and more. On the sides, you'll find a lighter weight, breathable fabric that will still protect, but optimally expel moisture and heat from inside - preventing rust and mildew.












 Select the Optimal Size For Your Vehicle

To ensure a proSmall: 13'2" - 14'2". Medium: 14'3" - 16'8". Large: 16'9" - 19'0"per fit and function, this cover is available in three sizes to accommodate most cars on the road today.  Choose Small if your vehicle is between 13'2" and 14'2" in length (includes cars such as Audi TT, BMW A3, Chevrolet Spark).  Choose Medium if your car is 14'3" and 16'8" in length (includes cars such as Ford Focus, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat).  Choose Large if your car is between 16'9" and 19'0" in length (includes cars such as Chevrolet Impala, BMW 7-Series, Toyota Avalon).














Built-In Storage Bag

Storage bags are important. If you let your cover get dirty while not in use, then install it, you risk damaging your finish. No more hunting around for the storage bag - it's integrated right into the cover.  Simply roll it up, tuck it in, and pull the drawstring.











Security Grommets

Tying down a car cover can be useful in many circumstances - during a storm, to prevent cover theft, or even prying eyes. On each side of the cover, you'll find a reinforced grommet - perfect for using a rope or cable to tie underneath the vehicle.

Lock & Cable may be sold separately