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Shipping, Handling and Taxes Included on All Prices
Shipping, Handling and Taxes Included on All Prices

Dawn Professional Dish Detergent - Original Scent

by Dawn

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  • Concentrated liquid dish detergent
  • 1 gallon = 640 gallons of dish solution
  • Concentrated liquid dish soap is formulated to cuts through grease
  • Long-lasting suds cleans 58% more dishes per sink*
  • Pump only available when purchasing in club

Product Details

Remove stuck-on, greasy food from utensils, pots and pans using Dawn Professional Dish Detergent. It's highly concentrated and specially formulated to get the job done. This dish detergent can even be diluted to make an all-purpose cleaning solution.

How Does Dawn Dish Detergent Cut Through Grease?

As a detergent, Dawn contains surfactants that lower the surface tension of water. This allows the soap to spread and easily attach to grease in order to break it up, as well as wash it away. The professional liquid dish detergent by Dawn creates long-lasting suds that also help to attack food soils and oils for quicker results.

Ideal for Foodservice Operations

Dawn Professional Dish Detergent tackles dirty pots, pans and utensils with ease. It reduces sink changeovers compared to other leading private brands (based on the recommended amount listed for usage in a 10-gallon sink). An economical choice, this concentrated dish detergent can also save up to 6,000 gallons of hot water per year versus popular bargain brands when used as directed.

What Else Can Dawn Professional Dish Detergent Be Used For?

In addition to cookware, Dawn dish detergent can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Countertops and dining areas may be wiped down, as well as three-compartment sinks. This liquid detergent is able to tackle tile walls, coffeemakers and cooler doors. It can also be used on windows either indoors or outside, portable equipment and trash receptacles.

Convenience in a Bottle

This bottle of Dawn dish detergent equals up to 640 gallons of solution, making it a wonderful option for businesses small and large. In addition, the built-in handle on the jug makes it easier to carry without hassle from one location to another. Since it's a liquid detergent, this solution can be used with a pump for easier dispensing.Pump only acaialble when purchasing in club.

Dishwashing detergent with long-lasting suds cleans 58% more dishes per sink than other brands. *Based on typical product performance, sink size and washer using four sinks a day

  • Cuts through grease with the fast-acting power you expect from Dawn
  • Comes in a 1-gallon professional size that lasts a long time
  • 1 gallon makes over 640 gallons of dish solution
  • Bottle purchased through Club Pick Up or in Club will have a pump. Bottle purchased through shipping will not have a pump included

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