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Shipping, Handling and Taxes Included on All Prices
Shipping, Handling and Taxes Included on All Prices

DuraCabinet 15-piece Wall-mounted Tool Organizer

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  • Brand: DuraCabinet
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Twin Scoop Hook (1 pc) – Great for wide handled tools
  • Closed General Purpose Hook (1 pc) – Shovels, rakes, cutting tools, drills.
  • Rake Hook (4 points) (1 pc) – Small accessories, garden shovels, pruners, shears.
  • Twin Tool Hook (2 pcs) – Axes, picks, automotive tools.
  • Large Cradle Fork Hook (1 pc) – Buckets, watering containers, large accessories.
  • Deep Hook (1 pc) – Hoses, AC cord, tires.
  • Hanging Double Curved Pivot Hook (1 pc) – Rakes, mops, brooms, long handled tools.
  • Peg Hook (2 pcs)
  • Small Hook (1 pc)
  • Wall Rails - 4 pcs
  • Rail End Caps - 4 pcs
  • Rail Connectors - 3 pcs


Product Details

Organize your garage and make it anew with Dura Cabinet wall rail system. The Dura Cabinet Wall Mounted Tool organizer features racks and hooks for a wide variety of tools and accessories. The tool organizer features two rails and eleven accessory hooks which can be mounted in any order on the rail to suit your needs. The tool organizer is completely modular, which means hooks can be removed and position as needed by the user – Allowing you the versatility to only use what you need. When properly mounted to a well-supported surface, each rail can support up to 230 lbs of equipment. Each hook features a patented grip mechanism that allows the hook to rest securely in place with no play between the metal surfaces.

Sleek and Durable

All parts are painted in a satin black finish to allow the tool organizer to easily blend in with all Dura Cabinet items, as well as other garage storage systems. All hooks feature a rubberized surface to prevent your tools and accessories from easily slipping off. The tool organizer is constructed from solid steel and will last for years to come. Make the Dura Cabinet Wall Mounted Tool Organizer a part of your storage solution today

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