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Shipping and Handling Included on All Prices
Shipping and Handling Included on All Prices

Rear Window FrostBlocker by Delk

by Delk
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  • Protects Rear Windows From Ice, Frost and Snow
  • Installs and Removes In Seconds
  • Adjustable For a Snug Fit
  • Uniquely Fits Vehicle Contours: SUV & Hatchback
  • Brand: Delk
  • Color: Black
  • Model: 53114


Product Details

Weather resistant

Heavy polyester with PVC lining

Secure hooks

Hooks tuck into wheels or door handles

Use in seconds

Installs and removes easily

Vehicle versatility

Industrial strength straps conform to any vehicle

Product Q&A

 What size rear window does the FrostBlocker Rear Window Cover fit?

FrostBlocker covers most SUV/Hatchbacks to protect the essential viewing area of most trucks and SUVs from frost, ice and snow

Measures 59" x 26"

 What size should I buy for my vehicle?

SUV/Hatchback is recommended for all vehicles that have a door across the back and opens upward.  The SUV/Hatchback also works best on pickup trucks.

 How does it fit vehicles of different sizes?

Frostblocker’s strap and hook attachment system is a 3-loop elastic system that allows for an adjustable fit. The rubber hooks secure the cover to the rear wheels or rear door handle of the vehicle. Frostblocker will cover the essential viewing area of the rear window on most vehicles.

 How do I install my FrostBlocker Rear Window Cover?

We recommend these simple steps: 

  • Choose one of the three loops in the elastic strap to attach the rubber hook. Larger vehicles will use the first loop. 
  • The hook can be attached to the rear door handle or the rear wheel. Please test each attachment location to find the best fit for your vehicle.  
  • Unroll it as you walk around the rear of your vehicle to the other side. 
  • Lightly tug on the cover to ensure it is centered and flat against your rear window. 
  • Attach the rubber hook to the same respective location as the opposite side. 
  • Once again, ensure the cover is centered on the rear window and the elastic straps are pulled taut